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Australian Pavilion, Osaka Expo 2025

The striking concept design for the Australia Pavilion at Expo 2025 in Osaka is an expression of Australia's warmth, energy and optimism, and of our diverse landscape.

Buchan’s pavilion and exhibition design harnesses Australia’s unique, natural beauty as a canvas for sharing our stories and culture.

The pavilion’s form is an abstraction of a eucalyptus gumnut. The ubiquitous eucalyptus tree, with its myriad shapes and colours, is symbolic of the diversity and resilience of Australian people. In and around the pavilion, the colours of the eucalypts and their gum blossoms will reflect the vibrancy of contemporary Australian society.

The perspectives, experiences and interests of Indigenous Australians are integral to the narrative informing the design. Indigenous cultural advisor Karrda is working with the design team to embed Country into the pavilion, amplifying Indigenous culture, connection to land and water, and ways of knowing.

Taking visitors on an immersive, sensory journey, the exhibition will chase the sun across the land and water, moving from day to night and between real and surreal. Visitors will engage with Australia’s physical beauty whilst learning about our culture and achievements.

The architecture is guided by sustainable design principles, materials and delivery methodology.

Lead Designer/ Architect 


Buchan Design Team

Nataly Ernst – Lead Architect
Dong Uong – Creative Lead
Rob Baxter – Project Designer
Courte Harlow – Computational Designer
Long Tran – Senior Architect
Carol Leung – Architect and Interior Designer
Sandrine Jouffre – Interior Designer
Leon Yang – Architect
John McCrystal – Exhibition Design
Dave Philpott – BIM Lead
Ashley Shepperd, Andrew Mackenzie – Project Principals

Project Consultant Team

Nikken Sekkei – Local Architect, structural and building services consulting engineers, Japan
McGregor Coxall – Landscape Architect
Karrda Pty Ltd – Indigenous Cultural Advisor

Initial Concept Consultants

AECOM – Engineering
MGAC – DDA/ Access
Dr Chetana Andary – Exhibition Content Curator, Australia
Tanseisha Co. Ltd – Local Exhibition Design (Japan)

  • Discipline | Architecture, Interior Design, Brand Experience
  • Sector | Civic
  • Region | Asia
  • Location | Osaka, Japan
  • Client | Federal Government, Represented by Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade
  • Completion | 2025
“Our goal with the pavilion is to make an indelible impact, without leaving a trace. The architecture is guided by sustainable design principles, materials, and delivery methodology”. - Nataly Ernst, Senior Associate and Lead Architect

Render | Flood

Render | Flood