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City Cross

City Cross has been reimagined as a new, dynamic, and lively destination in the centre of Adelaide. Representing a crossing point between retail and commercial in the CBD, City Cross, affectionately abbreviated to ‘CX’, brings an elevated dining and retail experience to the City’s existing Rundle Mall precinct.

Drawing on Buchan’s extensive knowledge of lifestyle and dining precincts, the architectural vision was to create a unique space for City Cross in the market, to create a destination that was timeless and reflective of its material context. Extensive research into the end user and close collaboration with the client has created a space which takes design to a new level, creating a memorable experience for both retailers and visitors through thoughtful design.

The design approach for City Cross is centred around four key design principles: Exposed, Honest, Lush and Ambient. The material selection has been carefully curated from a wide palette that characterises the City of Adelaide and then further developed to take on a refined look and feel.

The urban design direction exemplifies an honesty in materials: stone flooring, metal elements, natural brickwork, and a layering of timber features. The combination of an exposed, honest space with a lush overlay seeks to provide an ambience that is attractive, engaging, and welcoming.

A series of classical arches with a contemporary twist, curved terrazzo floor tiles, and white oak timber with custom joinery arbours all add to the creation of a space which emphasises design and materiality – a space that invites people to come in and stay a while.

  • Discipline | Architecture, Interior Design, Brand Experience
  • Sector I Retail
  • Region | Australia
  • Location | Kaurna Country Adelaide, South Australia
  • Client | Revelop
Design is not only about creating beautiful buildings; it is about creating engaging spaces and designing places people are drawn to.